The DUO Method

Where are you in your healing journey?

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The Discovery Phase

You’ve just discovered that you might be dealing with a toxic person who could be a narcissist or sociopath, and you want to learn more about it so you can figure out if this is what’s happening in your life.

Discovery Phase

The Understanding Phase

 You know or are pretty convinced that you’re in a toxic relationship with a narcissist, whether it’s a romantic one, a family one or a friend or coworker one. You are pretty sure you’ve got to leave, or you’ve already left, but you feel stuck and you can’t seem to break free.

Understanding Phase

The Overcoming Phase

You know what you’re dealing with, you’ve taken the time to get a pretty good understanding of it, and you are ready to take back your life and overcome the narcissistic abuse and its after-affects once and for all.

Overcoming Phase