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In addition to being trained and certified in narcissistic abuse recovery, our coaches are uniquely qualified: each is also a narcissistic abuse survivor and thriver.

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Are you in a toxic relationship, or have you recently left one? Have you experienced ongoing negative patterns and cycles from a partner who controls and manipulates you? Toxic relationships involve these unhealthy patterns and at least one partner seems to run the show with jealousy, selfishness, manipulation and more.

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Convenient and qualified to help you recover from your toxic relationship – on YOUR time, wherever you are.

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We have coaches available in all time-zones and during most hours, Monday through Sunday.

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Become a part of our 100,000 plus member survivor and thriver community!

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Rest assured that our coaches will treat you with the utmost kindness and keep your confidentiality.

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Our schedules are flexible – you can make your appointments when they work for you!

Empath to Empath

Each of our coaches is also a survivor of narcissistic abuse, as well as an empath who will understand and validate your experiences.

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Note: Coach Lise and Coach Colleen currently have evening and weekend appointments available!


What our clients say

“I just have no words to explain how Angie has positively impacted my life. She continues to be an inspiration to me and many others. She is sunshine in the morning, and pure love all day long. She is a wonderful educator in Narcissist abuse, and she really connects with people. She is tops in Narcissist recovery and a genuinely beautiful soul.”

Carol H.


“Lise has incredible¬†insight and depth. Her ability to listen attentively and to see to the essence of human interaction is innate.

She was born empathetic and life and study have built within her the skill set of a gifted life coach.

Add the icing on the cake ~ she genuinely cares.”

Hillary Y.


“Colleen is warm and loving and truly gifted as a recovery coach.

She really understands me and she is so balanced – makes me feel more validated.

Excellent experience and can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Victoria D.